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o-project of Children of the World International Fund and Elecsnet company

o-project of Children of the World International Fund and Elecsnet company

Collection per terminal with cash acceptance.

In the framework of Dont reject me (ANTIindifference) project the Fund accepts freewill payments and charitable donations per terminal with cash acceptance. Repeatedly you see these slot-machines in shopping malls and supermarkets. Probably you have already paid for services by means of these easy operating system.

Elexnet supported the holding of charitable projects of the Fund. And now you can do a freewill payment or charitable donation with help of any of 1000 terminals of Moscow.

If you wish to help children and render financial support, it will be very easy to do!

In any Elecsnet slot-mashin choose replenishment of the purse Webmoney

Enter a number of the purse: R 451424965873

Put in needed sum.

If you want the Funds representatives could get in touch with you, send an e-mail to and note the sum, date (05.05.2005) and time (15:45) of the payment. All these data will stay on the check, which will be given by Elecsnet mashine. Save the check.

We will send thankfull letters to our benefactors on behalf of Funds direction.



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